Thursday, 29 December 2011

The return of the king

Rafa biting Mubadala's trophy last year
It's been long, long and long, but it's finally time to get back to our loveable Tennis! 
After eons of waiting, we're finally awarded a few hours of pure Tennis before the official start of the 2012 Tennis Season as 6 of the top players in the world, including Djokovic, the world #1, Nadal and Federer, who had been dominating tennis for more than half a decade now, are competing in Abu Dhabi's Mubadala for a quick warm up before the 2012 season. Despite being an unofficial tournament, Abu Dhabi has successfully attracted the attention of the world's best every year.
As for Rafa, who's already won it last year, is back in hopes to bite the trophy for the 3rd year in a row. Although I'm sure that Rafa has got all what it takes to be achieved, I'm afraid Djokovic and Federer wouldn't just keep watching. Yet, if Rafa beats Ferrer tomorrow and Djokovic beats Federer, it'll be a perfect opportunity for Rafa to dismiss his Djoko-barrier which has lasted way more that what it should. However, if both Rafa and Roger reached the final, a Fedal will definitely be the best New Year's celebration! Let's just enjoy the semifinals and see.
Here's tomorrow's schedule:  [Local timing, GMT +4 in case you wonder]
3pm Semi Final 1: World  Federer vs. Djokovic
Followed by:
5pm Semi Final 2: World  Nadal vs.  Ferrer
Enjoy and Vamos Rafa!


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