Monday, 5 September 2011

Impressive straights!

    It's been a week now since the beginning of the US Open 2011, and I can say that it has been quite a great one for our defending champion. Judging by his performance in the previews weeks, against Dodig in Montreal and Fish in Cincinnati, I believe that he has been performing in such a better level at the Open. It might not be his best level, yet it was enough to finish his 1st week at Flushing Meadows in straights.
Rafa's 1st challenge was Andrey Golubev of Kazakhstan. It was quite an easy opening set for Rafa as he managed to win it 6-3, suffered a bit in the 2nd as Gobulev took it into a Tie-break but then Rafa wrapped it in 7-6 with Gobulev winning a lonely point in the Tie-break. And after that a bit struggling in the 3rd but finally Rafa closed it in 7-5 to make his 1st round the 1st set of his straight sets. 

Rafa then was awarded a couple days of rest before his 2nd round match against the Frenchman, Nicolas Mahut who has been know as " Marathon man " since his match that lasted more than 11 hours last year a Wimbledon against the American John Isner. Anyhow, I think the Rafa-Crushing-Mode was on when he played Mahut as he managed to take the 1st two sets 6-2 and 6-2, but it wasn't long since  Mahut retired to handle Rafa his 2nd set of his straight sets.

Rafa's 3rd round match was way more challenging then his 1st 2 as he was to play David Nalbandian of Argentina, who has once been the world no.3. Rafa has been early broken in the 1st, but, thankfully, it didn't take him long to break back. However, the set has been taken to a Tie-break, and once more Rafa got out of the Tie-break victorious as he wrapped the set 7-6(5). Then Rafa easily dominated the 2nd set by more than one break and he was to play the 3rd set being up 7-6 6-1. Apparently, Nalbandian didn't want to give up and willingly handing Rafa the 3rd, but still Rafa was too strong for him and managed to finish 7-5. To make his 3rd set of straight sets.

Rafa's next opponent was the same as Wimbledon's 3rd round, the man of Luxembourg, Gilles Muller. It's true that Rafa suffered a bit in that match as the 1st two sets weren't pretty easy as both were taken into Tie-Breaks, but still Rafa won them and he easily torn Muller in the 3rd as he bageled him to make it to Wimby's 4th round in straights 7-6(6), 7-6(5), 6-0. In their head to head history Rafa's leading the field with two wins against one to Muller. However, I believe that if Rafa plays as good as he he did with Nalby, Rafa can easily take it in straights. But let's just not forget that Muller has a good serve which may not be broken easily! Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching a good match and high-class of tennis from both players in the Open's 4th round!

More updates will be available soon on "Nadal Bl Masry" till then stay tuned and Vamos Rafa! 


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