Monday, 29 August 2011

Beware NY, Here comes Rafa!

     Long time, no see! Who misses Rafa like me? So, Rafa hasn't played since he lost to Fish in Cincinnati's 3rd round. Apparently, that wasn't the best preparation for the US Open but, as we all know, Rafa can win ANYTHING, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!  

Our defending Champion starts his attempt of defending his US Open title  tomorrow at Flushing Meadows. It's not only about defending his title, but also winning his 2nd Grand Slam of the year and the 11th of his career. Rafa's 1st match is scheduled 1st on Arthur Ashe, night session which starts 19:00 local time. Rafa's 1st round opponent is Andrey Golubev of Kazakhstan, who's currently world #98. It's actually the first meeting between them and it should be a bit challenging!

Just remember 1st on Arthur Ashe's night session and Vamos Rafa!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rafa Shakes New York!

         The US Open 2010 chamipon, Rafael Nadal, arrived in New York a few days ago, preparing for the US Open, the fourth and the last Grand Slam of the year, that Rafa, brilliantly, was capable of winning last year and adding its trophy to those of Roland Garros, Wimbledon and Australian Open to become the youngest player, at the age of 24, to complete his Grand Slam Puzzle. 

          However, this has nothing to do with "Shaking" NY, yesterday. There had been an earthquake in Washington, DC, and was felt at NY. Moreover, Rafa might have had a hand in "Shaking" NY, when he appeared in public at FoodParc to "celebrate Bacardi Limited’s Champions Drink Responsibly campaign" as Rafa stated earlier on his Facebook page. 

            If you like to view some pics from the event, please click here

Vamos Rafa!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Introduction to: Nadal Bl Masry.

          Welcome to my new blog, "Nadal Bl Masry". It's a new blog about the Spanish Tennis player, Rafael Nadal, where posts will usually be written in "Franco-arab" or English, it's been made specially for Egyptian Rafa fans, but I gladly welcome any Non-Egyptain Rafa fan. I'm looking forward to posting all about Rafa, scores, results, pics, videos and news on and off court. 

The blog might take some time to be fully constructed, but I really hope you'll like it. Stay tuned and never hesitate dropping by anytime. ;)