Sunday, 11 September 2011

Six Down One More To Go!

Rafa after beating Murray
           The Semi-finals have been thrilling in the US Open, from the first point of Djokovic-Federer (1st SF match), till the last point of Murray-Nadal (2nd SF match). From the moment we, tennis fans, knew the fact that the "Fantastic Four", Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Murray, reached the Open Semi-finals we knew it would be thrilling, but did we expect it to be that thrilling?

 Nadal's road to the Semi-finals has been extremely amazing. Rafa didn't lose a single set from the beginning of the tournament till the semis. However, Rafa proved that straights aren't the only way of showing his excellent performance. In the Semi-final Rafa has dropped a set against Andy, however, I believe that Andy really deserved that set. He, too, was playing very well, especially in the 3rd.

The beginning of the match was a bit tight, as both players held. Afterwards, Rafa was up 40-0 on Murray's serve, but Andy wouldn't willingly give up, would he? He tried to hold, but, thankfully, Rafa succeeded in breaking on the 3rd break point to lead 4-3 with the advantage of the break. The rest of the set went quite normally with both players holding. On 5-4 Rafa held to win the first set 6-4.

Murray started the 2nd set with quite a strong start as held his serve and had more than a chance to break Rafa's serve. Anyhow, Murray's attempts to break Rafa at the beginning of the 2nd set weren't successful as Rafa managed, by a way or another, to save 3 breakpoints and hold to 1-1. Later, Murray hit a brilliant winner to lead 2-1, but it wasn't long since Rafa aced his way to make it 2 all. Sooner Rafa's attempts to get the break succeeded to lead 3-2, followed by an easy hold for Rafa. Eventually, Rafa got the double break, held and wrapped the 2nd set 6-2 in 45 minutes.

With Rafa being up 6-4 6-2 and being a single set away from the final, Murray refused to lose, not in straight sets at least. And that was pretty obvious, Andy started the set holding to love. Then 40-0 on Rafa's serve, facing 3 opportunities to break, Rafa tried to hold but Andy couldn't just waste 3 breakpoints. Murray was now leading 2-0 in the 3rd set, but, fortunately Rafa broke back at once, held (after saving 3 breakpoints) and took it to 2 all. Both players held afterwards, Murray was now leading 4-3. And, unfortunately, Andy got the break, held and the set was Andy's, 3-6.

It was now time for Rafa to play a 4th set for the 1st time at the Open, Rafa and Andy both held their initial service games. The 3rd game was quite a tough one for Rafa, as he faced more than a  breakpoint, anyhow, he could finally hold and lead 2-1. Soon enough, Rafa broke to lead 3-1 then held his serve and was now only 2 games away from his 3rd Grand Slam final of the year. And when it was 5-2, Murray couldn't hold, as Rafa broke to make his way to his 2nd straight US Open final.

It was a pretty match, Murray couldn't be blamed, Rafa was too strong! Nevertheless, both players showed us some magnificent shots. And as I can say, it was an ideal Grand Slam semi-final. Nadal's final opponent is Novak Djokovic, whose records have been absolutely unbelievable this year. Will the next hours reveal another three to one match between those rivals? And will it be like Wimbledon's? Or it will be the same as last year's US Open? Well, I guess nobody can ever tell what's going to happen and untill then, the only thing we can do is waiting. WAIT, WAIT,WAIT.... I know waiting is sometimes intolerable, but is the only thing we can do right now, so be patient and we'll see how this is going to end.

Vamos Rafa!


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